Welcome to Active Process – Process Server

This is not so much ‘about us’ as about the rationale behind the Active Process attitude toward process serving, and the supporting activities that go with it.

Process service is an activity that, in spite of its position between the opposing parties of a legal confrontation, remains completely unregulated.  In short, anyone can offer the service, pretty much regardless of character or qualification.
The Agents Body that currently represents Process Servers has for some time now been pressing for regulation.  We wholeheartedly support their work towards this goal.

In the mean time, though, this is how we approach our work.

Prompt Service

We recognise that service needs to be undertaken in a timely fashion, and will whenever possible present a professional standard ‘Return of Service’ within 24 hrs.

Empathic Service

We recognise that being in receipt of legal documents is not the most pleasurable of experiences.  Within our remit, we do as much as we are able to help the respondent to understand what needs to happen next, and by when.  We encourage the respondent, wherever possible, to accept the situation rather than fall into denial.  We make no assumptions about the respondents’ legal position.

In our experience, a respondent is just a respondent – nothing more.

Discreet ServiceContract Blurred

We believe that the respondent has an absolute right to privacy at the point of ‘service’,  so we will always strive to preserve that, taking it into consideration when deciding when and where to serve.